Helical Piles: Ideal For New Construction

When building a home’s foundation, you need materials that can accomplish the job with minimal impact. Helical piles are known for their ability to rely on sturdy layers of soil for support. Because of this quality, they are extremely sought after by construction professionals. There are several advantages to using helical piles for new construction projects.

Helical Piles: Quick & Efficient Installation

Compared to other foundation systems, helical piles take significantly less time to install. Once materials have been acquired, helical piles are simply driven into the ground. Each pile must reach a certain depth, at which it can independently support the connected structure. Beyond this, there is no wait time involved.

For long-term construction projects, this is crucial. Project managers who must consider subsequent phases of the project benefit greatly from helical piles. After all, a foundation is an essential component of your home.

Can be Installed Year-Round

Contractors must take the temperature, weather and future forecast into account in determining when to pour concrete for a foundation. With helical piles, this is not a concern.

Helical piles are made of steel, meaning that there is no solidification process requiring ideal weather conditions. Removing this factor from consideration entirely will give peace of mind to project managers and building occupants alike.

No Impact to Surrounding Structures

One of the defining characteristics of helical piles is that they do not cause any vibrations in the ground. Because of this, helical piles can be installed directly next to adjacent structures, without interfering with its structural integrity. This makes them invaluable when contractors must build a new foundation in close quarters.

Additionally, there is no excavation required to set them in place.

Environmentally Friendly

Helical piles are, overall, a much greener choice than more conventional foundation materials.

For one, the steel beams are composed of recycled materials. Helical piles can be reused or recycled if they are removed from the ground.

Due to the fact that there is no excavation needed, they leave a smaller carbon footprint than other foundation methods. Because of this, there is much less pollution that stems from the machines involved in this process. Instead, the slow, rhythmic installation of the helical piles will not disturb the soil.

Additionally, they are widely used in solar panel fields. Helical piles are widely recognized as a valid part of the green initiative.

Conclusion: Helical Piles are Perfect for New Construction

Helical piles can build an effective foundation without impacting any surrounding structures. When there are building restrictions present, this is paramount. Regardless of the project, helical piles are a simpler and more environmentally friendly foundation construction solution than any of the alternatives.

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