Helical Piles: The Best Installation Method for Solar Panel Fields

Solar energy is becoming a more common resource for both homes and businesses alike. It is environmentally friendly and once the panels are installed, they require little to no maintenance.

Placing solar panels on the rooftop of your home is common. However, for commercial use, mounting your solar panels in the ground is a better option for harvesting even more energy. These panels may prove even more durable than rooftop panels.


Builders installing frame with solar panels on helical pile. Engineers setting screw piles for solar power station.

Roof Vs. Ground Solar Panels

Presently, solar panels are found on many roofs throughout your neighborhood. However, installing them on the ground with a foundation support system is better in the long run when harvesting energy on a much grander scale.

Orienting your solar panels at an optimal angle is key to making sure your investment pays off. Because that ideal angle may change over time, placing them on the ground makes it easier (and much less dangerous) to adjust them.

Occasionally, installing solar panels onto a roof may affect the structural integrity of the roof, requiring extensive maintenance. Attaching solar panels to a ground-based foundation will prevent this possible damage. Additionally, you will avoid having to remove and reinstall your rooftop solar panels to perform roof maintenance.

Finally, when you choose to install solar panels at ground level, you have the option to expand your solar panel array indefinitely.


Quick & Easy Setup

Our MacLean Power Systems HFS Solar Foundations employ the use of MacLean Power Systems (MPS) helical piles. With their versatility, these can be easily affixed to any solar panel with either a plate or clamps.

Additionally, these solar foundation anchors can be easily installed in any weather year-round. The helical pile lead section is equipped with one or more helices each with a cam profile, making installation a breeze using a hydraulic drive head. Since the grading of the soil varies throughout a plot of land, a properly calibrated torque measuring instrument is used to confirm that every foundation anchor can bear the load of the solar panel(s) attached to it.

Lastly, the sturdiness and stability of the helical piles removes the need for concrete pouring altogether.


Going Green with Mounted Solar Panels

Solar panels are green in their use, and this should hold true during their installation as well. Without any concrete poured, these MPS helical pile based foundations will cause minimal impact to the environment and the soil around them. Our solar panel foundations are composed of between 75% and 90% recycled steel.


Helical pile solar foundations are the optimal choice for installing ground-based solar panels. Maclean Power Systems helps us provide you with the best solution for your new solar panel array. Contact us today to find out how we can help you go green with our helical pile solar panel foundation systems.