Foundation Repair

There are many conditions that may cause your foundation to crack. Whether it is a multi-story building or a small home. Possible culprits may include: settlement, thermal contraction or expansion, overload, hydrostatic pressure, restrained movement and so on. Whatever the reason, PTS can find a solution to repair existing damage and stop additional damage from occurring.


Foundation Repair by Epoxy Injection

Epoxy injection is one of the most common ways to restore the structural integrity of a building or home. Injection ports are surface mounted to the foundation at increments equal to the thickness of the wall. The main crack is then patched with a 2-part epoxy paste, as well around each port. Then, using a metered epoxy mixing cabinet, the ports are injected at a specified pressure. One would normally start injecting at the lowest port and continue injecting until the material reaches the next port up.

This process is repeated until the crack is 100% full. While this is the most effective method of crack repair, PTS does utilize other techniques depending on the conditions and requirements of your particular project. To speak with a representative about foundation crack repair, fill out our online information request form or call 1-800-282-7453.


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