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As solar energy becomes more popular, the need for a fast, cost effective foundation system has emerged. Helical piles have become the go-to foundation system for freestanding solar arrays. Helicals offer a wide variety of terminations to adapt to virtually any solar array connection detail. In addition, helical piles can resist compressive, tensile, and lateral forces making them more versatile. These factors eliminate the need for any concrete, allowing the job to be completed in significantly less time than traditional methods. Call today to find out what helical pile works best for your solar panel system.

Premium Technical Services & MacLean Power Systems offer the best helical piles for solar panel foundations. We offer many time proven solutions, with experience in anchoring since the 1920’s. Solar Foundation Systems can be used to support the strut for connecting solar panels. It is important that the product and installation meet stringent requirements. Furthermore, installation must be performed by qualified technicians to ensure the solar foundations will perform as expected.

What are Solar Panel Foundation Helical Piles?

Solar Foundation Piles are round steel pipe piles available in varying lengths that can include either a plate to which the solar panel bracket(s) can be attached or holes drilled into the end of the pipe where clamps can attach the solar panel brackets. The tip is composed of a fi sh tail stinger and a single helix to allow for easy installation in most soils.


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Solar Panel Helical Piers: Features and Benefits

  • Solar panels can be mounted immediately after installation – no waiting for grout to cure
  • Installs in any weather
  • Installs with most equipment with a hydraulic drive head
  • Continuous torque monitoring assures each tieback anchor will meet the load requirement
  • Does not require grading
  • Lower noise levels than driven piles
  • Suitable for hilly terrains
  • No spoils to remove
  • Removable
  • Contributes to green environment
  • Hot dip galvanized per ASTM A123 for long term corrosion protection

Installing Solar Panel Helical Foundations

The helical pile for the solar foundation is rotated into the soil with a hydraulic drive head. Installing torque is continuously monitored with a calibrated instrument to confi rm that every installed pile will meet the required load capacity. Soils may vary in a large solar farm making this is an important feature that is not available with other systems.

MacLean Power Systems & PTS Engineered Solutions

MacLean Power Systems will custom design your foundation system for best value to the solar farm site. The exclusive MDRS™ software will assure an engineered solution to optimize your cost objectives. Helical piles are made from recycled materials and are themselves recyclable, creating an opportunity to earn credits on LEED certified projects.

Quality Testing of the Solar Foundation Systems

MacLean Power Systems is the only supplier that has met the requirements for all products defi ned by the International Building Codes ICC-ES AC358 Acceptance Criteria for Helical Foundation Systems and Devices (ICC-ES Evaluation Report Number ESR-3032). This should be important criterion when selecting the supplier to protect your investment for years to come. MacLean Power Systems has an ongoing quality control program per A10 with inspection by an IAS accredited inspection agency per AC98.