Case Studies: Queens

Consolidated Edison (ConEd) – Astoria Yard

Project Specs: Location: Queens – New York, NY Installer: FSR Engineer: Joseph G. Jaworski & P.H. Howell Drilled Displacement Micropile (DDM) Specifications: – 26 MacLean Power Systems Excalibur™ Drilled Displacement Micropiles – Total Length of Each Excalibur™ Pile: 23’ – Drive Plate Size: 14” – Pile Size: 5.50” OD x 0.415” Wall Thickness – Grout  … Read more

Broad Channel Athletic Club & American Legion

Project Specs: Location: Broad Channel – Queens, NY Installer: FSR Engineer: H2M Architect + Engineers Geotechnical Engineer: YU & Associates Pile Specs:24 MacLean Power Systems Helical PilesD10 8”, 10”, 12” lead w/ P35 Extensions (1.75” Round Corner Square shaft w/3.50” Pipe Extensions) 56’ Average Depth 5,000 ft-lbs Average Torque Ultimate Loads:50 kips The Broad Channel  … Read more