What are the Benefits of Slab Jacking?

As the backbone of support for a building, maintaining your foundation is important. Correcting foundation issues before they worsen is critical. Concrete foundations can sink due to improper installation on a loose dirt surface, erosion, and softened soil. Slab jacking is a reliable, non-invasive approach to correcting foundation issues, with minimal impact to daily operations. There are several other benefits to selecting slab jacking as a concrete repair method.


1. Significantly Lower Cost

Replacing an entire concrete slab is extremely costly. In addition to the cost of materials, the cost of this labor is expensive. In most cases, slab jacking a foundation slab is ⅓ of the cost of an entire foundation replacement.


2. Immediate Results Without Inconvenience

When replacing an entire building foundation, the concrete must cure for 28 days before it can receive standard pressure. Because slab jacking is simply the process of injecting grout to raise the foundation, there is no significant waiting period where the concrete must cure. However, we recommend waiting at least 12 hours before returning to normal traffic. Additionally, slab jacking does not generate the excessive debris, or the noise levels that other foundation replacement methods might.

Slab raising in Paramus, NJ.
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3. No Weather Restrictions

Unlike other concrete slab replacement methods that may involve materials that can potentially freeze, slab jacking is effective regardless of the weather. Because of this accessibility, slab jacking is much more conducive to emergency repairs.


4. Minimal Environmental Effects

Part of installing a new building foundation is breaking up and removing the old foundation. The first step in this process is digging up the surrounding area to break and remove the previous foundation. Selecting the slab jacking route eliminates the need for this process, minimizing the environmental disturbance. Finally, the low-mobility grout used to help the foundation regain its previous position will help the soil densification process, without adverse environmental effects.



Slab Jacking and Slab Raising Services from PTS

As a foundation repair company, we are dedicated to taking care of all of your Long Island slab jacking needs. While slab jacking is the optimal repair method for many situations, there are other occasions where permeation grouting, helical piles, epoxy injections or another method may be more appropriate. Contact us for more information about how you can keep your building foundation in the appropriate position.