Jon Bon Jovi Soul Homes

Case Study Location:

Project Specs:

  • Location: 1415 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, PA
  • Installer: Scott Contractors Inc.
  • Engineer: Kitchen and Associates
  • Pile Specs:
    333 MacLean Power Systems Helical Piles
    D10 (1.75” Round Corner Square)
    10”, 12”, 14” Diameter Helices
    22.5’ Average Depth
  • Ultimate Loads:
    Compression: 100,000 Lbs.

The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation built the JBJ Soul Homes Facility to provide permanent supportive housing for adults in Philadelphia. To support the new facility, Scott Contractors Inc. installed 333, 1.75” round corner square shaft piles to an average depth of 22.5’ in order to ensure that the foundation would not settle due to the weak soils in the upper strata of the project site.