Helical Solutions for Homeowners

Pool Footings needed?

Retaining walls sagging?

Extension or second story desired?

Foundation walls or brickwork cracking?

Whatever you reason, you can secure any foundation with helical piles. It is important to your safety and essential to protect the investment in your home.

Unlike wood, metal or hollow pipe piles driven into the ground cause vibrations that can do more damage to your home (and often neighbor’s). Helical piles are screwed into the ground to the proper depth and torque. Unlike most pile providers, PTS uses only hot galvanized piles and offers a wide range of high strength, round or square, forged upset couplings for less possibility of human error and less opportunity for failure.

Helical Piers

The innovative, engineered solution
from PTS.

  • No wait for equipment to become available or weather to break
  • No big rigs that can damage landscaping
  • No collateral damage to existing structures from vibrations
  • No major mobilization cost
  • No off-the-shelf solutions- wide range of products tailored to perform

Cost-effective Custom Helical Solutions for Homeowners

PTS’s broad base of products set them apart from their competitors by allowing them to create the most secure foundation using the best product for the job. Ultimately, our solutions save you money. Other competitors often comprise the solution based on their product line limitations.This can affect the integrity, life span and cost of the system.


Put PTS on Your Team

Your solution may require several team members. From a geotechnical engineer for soils evaluation to a structural engineer, to evaluate the loads to a trained contractor for installation. We can help you select qualified engineers to work with. Additionally, we can suggest a certified contractor to insure the correct solution.

Call us today to have a qualified PTS installer evaluate your problem and provide you with a proven, engineered solution that fits your project precisely…and protects your most valued asset. For residential waterproofing and foundation projects in that do not require piles, we recommend Complete Basement Systems of Long Island.

Why PTS?

We only work with licensed professionals, obligated to protect the property-owners’ interests.

  • Experienced, Licensed and Insured
  • Classroom Training and Field Certification
  • Knowledgeable of Local Building Codes and Local Soil Conditions
  • Documented References
  • Written Estimate Provided

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