Garnet Health Medical Center

Case Study Location:

Project Specs:

  • Location: Middletown, NY
  • Certified Installer: Foundation Stabilizers, Inc. (FSI)
  • Engineer of Record (EOR): Desman Design Management
  • Helical Pile Specifications:
    – 18 MacLean Power Systems (MPS) Helical Piles
    – D10 (1.75” Round Corner Square) Lead w/ 8”, 10”, 12” Dia. Helices on a 7’ shaft & P35 (3.50” x 0.216” Pipe Shaft) Extensions
    – Average Depth of Helical Piles: 33’
    – Minimum Req’d Torque of Helical Piles: 8000 ft-lbs
  • Ultimate Load(s):
    – 80 kips (Compression)

As a part of the Garnet Health Medical Center’s expansion project, a new multi-level parking garage was required. The EOR designed a concrete footbridge to connect this new parking garage to the main building using a deep foundation system. Unlike other pile types, helical piles are installed using a vibration-free process without utilizing noisy, percussion-based equipment, making them the ideal deep foundation system considering this installation was adjacent to an active hospital. FSI was contracted to install six piles for each of the three pile caps, totaling 18 helical piles. FSI installed the helical piles in just one working day, allowing the general contractor to pour concrete for the pile caps the next day.