Flying Point Road

Case Study Location:

Project Specs:

  • Location: Water Mill, NY
  • Certified Installer: FSR
  • Engineer of Record (EOR): Llewellyn Engineering
  • Helical Pile Specifications:
    – 72 MacLean Power Systems (MPS) Helical Piles
    – 7″ x 0.362″ Pipe Shaft Lead w/ 14″, 14″, 16″ Dia. Helices & 7″ x 0.362″ Pipe Shaft Extensions
    – Average Depth of Helical Piles: 42′
    – Average Installation Torque of Helical Piles: 45500 ft-lbs
  • Ultimate Load(s):
    – 60 kips (Compression)
    – 1.2 kips (Lateral)

The owners of a historic house in Water Mill, New York were looking to restore their home back to its former glory. While most beach homes are built behind the protection of the sand dunes, this house was built directly on top of the sand dunes. The house’s unique location on the dune and in the FEMA V-Zone meant that the home needed to be designed to withstand a 100-year storm, which included a 20’ washout scenario. While the compression loads were relatively low, the 20’ washout scenario called for a high lateral loading capacity. In order to deal with this, FSR was contracted to install a total of 72 custom 7” x .362” pipe piles. After performing a load test at the property, the installation was completed at the end of the 2016 summer season in order to allow the rest of the house to be updated by the beginning of the 2017 summer season.

Water Mill, NY Helical Pile Installation