Esopus Meadows Preserve Pavilion

Case Study Location:

Project Specs:

  • Location: 257 River Rd, Ulster Park, NY
  • Installer: Foundation Stabilizers Inc
  • Engineer: Barry Price Architecture
  • Pile Specs:
    Type 1 – 27 MacLean Power Systems Helical Piles
    D6 (1.5” Round Corner Square)
    10”, 12”, 14” Diameter Helices
    28’ Average Depth
    4588 FT-LB Average Torque
    Type 2- 5 Piles
    D10 Lead w/ P35 Extensions (1.75” Round Corner Square Lead w/ 3.5” Pipe Extensions)
    38.5’ Average Depth
    10, 828 FT-LB Average Torque
  • Ultimate Loads:
    Compression: 5 Tons, 20 Tons, and 50 Tons

The Esopus Meadows Preserve is a part of the Scenic Hudson Park System in Ulster Park, New York. In 2014, Scenic Hudson sought to improve the Preserve by adding a pavilion for families and hikers alike to rest, have a picnic, or simply just take in the beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, the project site contained an organic soil layer at 4 feet below grade leaving traditional footings susceptible to settlement. In order to resist this potential settlement, Foundation Stabilizers installed a total of 32 helical piles of varying size. The project was finished on time and on budget and the Pavilion has been in use since 2015.