5 Reasons to Waterproof a Basement

waterproofing foundations

Basement spaces are more important to a structure than most people realize. Not only do we use basements for storage and recreation, but they are the closest space to the foundation of a home or commercial building. Any structure that has a basement should absolutely have it waterproofed so it can be protected against the elements.

Here’s 5 Reasons to Waterproof a Basement:

1. Water Damage

As much good as water does for us, it also has the potential to wreak some serious havoc. Water can damage anything from stored belongings to the foundation. Some clear signs of water damage include:

  • Wet spots on the walls.
  • Efflorescence.
  • Peeling paint.
  • Warped paneling.
  • Fungus, rot, mold and/or mildew.
  • Insects and bugs.

2. Your Family’s Health

If water collects in the basement, it will need to go somewhere. Humidity will spread through the home when water begins to evaporate. This will cause dust mites to thrive plus allergy and asthma problems will become a daily issue. Humidity is also likely to cause mold to grow, which can bring on many problems like throat irritation, coughing, skin irritation, and more.

3. Cracks in Your Foundation

Cracks in your basement’s floors or walls are an invitation to all sorts of problems, especially water seeping through the cracks. In addition to the potential water damage, this could be a sign that you also have another problem, foundation settlement. If you see any spalling, or chipped concrete, this is a sure sign of the need for waterproofing. Spalling can often be easily fixed, but if it spreads, be prepared for some major repairs.

4. Save Your Money

You may think that waterproofing your basement may be too expensive. Consider how it will save money in the long run. If your basement is unbearably humid, you will surely have to cool it off and dehumidify it. Cooling of the humid air in your basement could raise your electric bill up to 18%. Waterproofing could save you all that money in the end by neutralizing any possible humidity that could accumulate in your basement.

5. Seeing Stains?

Do you see brown or rust colored stains on the basement walls or floor? These stains are caused by water being pushed through the concrete foundation. If you have brown stains forming around your walls or ceiling, this can indicate water has been absorbed into them. The water is reacting with the clay outside your home by drawing acid into it and filtering it through your walls. Over time acid damage can weaken your basement foundation. Any increased humidity because of this can also lead to wood rot. As the wood rots it looses its strength and you may end up with sagging floors or even a collapsed basement ceiling.